Separator thoughts

Separator mass resolution is an engineering issue, not a beam dynamics issue.

Transmission is a beam physics issue.

After 9 years, we've never gotten close to the calculated resolution of 10,000. This is not because of anything intrinsically wrong with the separator.

We tune to get something like this:
(0.5mm by 12mrad)
taller one,
S-shaped one
Octupole movie

small emittance

But the high resolution design
was 0.13mm by 60mrad!:

from Pierres 97 paper

Or, comparing on the same scale:

(N.B.: 120 mrad full width is
24 cm wide beam in dipole centre.)

the 2 on same scale

We've never even gotten close. Why not?

We did not finish the engineering:

Why did we never carry out the good intentions?

Get the science out. Given a choice:

  1. Beam now with some contamination, or
  2. allow beam physicists a couple weeks to commission high resolution,
experimenters prefer option #1, and learn to deal with the impure beam in another way.

Can we set it up once and forget it? No. A high resolution tune is hard to maintain because it is very fussy/sensitive to everything.

So where's the rationale for a resolution 10,000 separator?

Rick Baartman
Last modified: Tue Jan 22 15:23:44 PST 2008