Busy conference for me. 3 posters, 1 talk, 3 satellite meetings, 4 receptions.



ICFA mtg.

Mats, Miramar Castle



Noteworthy talks:

ALBA Synchrotron Light Source Commissioning - D. Einfeld (CELLS-ALBA Synchrotron)

LHC from Commissioning to Operation - M. Lamont (CERN)

Study on the Realignment Plan for J-PARC Linac after the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan - M. Ikegami (KEK) T. Mor- ishita (JAEA/J-PARC)

[Could not attend Mon PM, as in a PRST-AB meeting... ]

Simultaneous Long and Short Bunch Operation in an Electron Storage Ring - a Hybrid Mode based on Nonlinear Momentum Compaction - M. Ries (HZB), J. Feikes, A. Jankowiak, P Schmid, G. Wustefeld (HZB) A. Hoehl, R. Klein, R. Muller (PTB)

First Results from the EMMA Experiment - S. Machida (STFC/RAL/ASTeC)

LHC Upgrade Plans: Options and Strategy - L. Rossi (CERN)

    1. Q_bb is 3 to 5 times better than expected (Dobrin can say more),

    2. Injector chain emittance is 2 rather than the 3.75 of design.

Stochastic Cooling of a High Energy Collider - M. Blaskiewicz (BNL), J.M. Brennan, R.C. Lee, K. Mernick (BNL)

ARIEL: TRIUMF's Advanced Rare IsotopE Laboratory - L. Merminga, F. Ames, R.A. Baartman, C.D. Beard, P Bricault, I.V. Bylinskii, Y.-C. Chao, R.J. Dawson, D. Kaltchev, S.R. Koscielniak, R.E. Laxdal, F. Mammarella, M. Marchetto, G. Minor, A.K. Mitra, Y.-N. Rao, M. Trinczek, A. Trudel, V.A. Verzilov, V. Zvyagintsev

Non-scaling Fixed Field Alternating Gradient Permanent Magnet Cancer Therapy Accelerator - D. Trbojevic (BNL)

Observations of Beam-beam Effects at High Intensities in the LHC - W. Herr (CERN), E. Laface, G. Papotti, T. Pieloni (CERN)

Collimation Studies with Hollow Electron Beams - G. Stancari (Fermilab), G. Annala, V.D. Shiltsev, D.A. Still, A. Valishev (Fermilab)

Overview of LHC Beam Loss Measurements – B. Dehning (CERN), et al.

Electron Cloud Observations in LHC – G. Rumolo (CERN), et al.

Accelerator-driven Subcritical Molten-salt-fueled Reactors – R.P Johnson (Muons, Inc) C. Bowman (ADNA)

Theory of Microwave Instability and Coherent Synchrotron Radiation in Electron Storage Rings – Y. Cai (SLAC)

Recent Developments in Hadron Sources – J.G. Alessi (BNL)

First Years Experience of LHC Beam Instrumentation – O.R. Jones (CERN)

The European Spallation Source – S. Peggs (ESS)