Beam Physics meeting [24 Sep 2014]

Participants: Y. Bylinskii [YB], R. Baartman [RB], T. Planche [TP], S. Koscielniak [SK], Y. C. Chao [CC], D. Kaltchev [DK], F. Ames [FA], S. Saminathan [SS, recorder], J. Maloney [JM], M. Marchetto [MM], Y.-N. Rao [YR]

Agenda: Decide on plan of beam commissioning electrons through to 25 MeV starting 29 September with goal of demonstration of 25 MeV electron beam by 3 October 2014.

  1. Organization:

    1. Scheduling: 7AM to noon is for fixes etc. Commissioning starts at NOON.

    2. Teams: Captains RB, YB; egunners FA, SS; knobbers MM, TP; support FWJ, DK, JM... as well as RF, Controls support. Bob Laxdal and team will attend, and we have commitment from Don Dale for Controls support.

      1. MM has to be here in the morning to chase hardware issues, so he should only take noon to ~5PM. (This could be handled by an operator, if we free one up, see below.)

      2. TP can come in at noon, stay till 8PM, but may stay longer. Need period of overlap. However, TP and MM agree that they are somewhat interchangeable.

      3. Decide: Team #1- RB, FA, MM. Team #2- YB, SS, TP, Chao.

  2. Pre-plan:

    1. Check basic functionality of all optical elements, diagnostics, RF, Egun, Vacuum, control system works normally by 29th September morning [MM and TP] .

    2. Prepare Energy Vs EABD:MB0 Current plot to determine the energy of the accelerated beam [TP].

    3. Prepare the tune settings for 10 MeV, 20 MeV and 25 MeV beam through EABD [CC, RB, DK and SS] .

    4. Ask an operator to involve in the commissioning team to have some experience, documentation, making efault report and transferring the progress summary from one commissioning to the other one [YB, RB, MM].

    5. Discuss effective use of the weekend at the 26th September standing meeting in the ehall at 9 am [SK].

  3. Plan:

    1. The goal is to achieve 25 MeV beam by Wednesday evening [1 Oct]. The 25 MeV beam commissioning will start on 29th September at 12 pm.

    2. We utilize Thursday and possibly Friday[2-3Oct] as extra time to accommodate contingency and possibly raise energy if higher cavity gradient is possible.

    3. Inject bunched 300 keV electron beams[Duty factor 0.5 % to 1 %, Peak cur. = 100 μA- 200 μA] to the EINJ cavity with a standard acceleration gradient [10 MeV/m]. First transport the accelerated beam [10 MeV] through the EMBD beamline with a standard tune to verify beam energy.

    4. Inject 10 MeV beam into the EACA to accelerate [20 MeV] and transport the beam to EABD to determine the beam energy.

    5. Once 20 MeV beam is transported to the EABD:FC ramp up the beam energy towards 25 MeV.

    6. Document the tunes and diagnostics performed during the commissioning.