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[CANREB-HRS] Vacuum Chamber <to:Canreb>

To:       Marco Marchetto                    September 3, 2014
          Jim Maloney

From:     George Clark

cc:       Reiner Kruecken
          Neil McLean, AAPS
          Cynthia Reis, AAPS
          Rotem Gazit, AAPS
          Rituparna Kanungo
          Rick Baartman
          Remy Dawson
          Doug Preddy

Re:       [CANREB-HRS] Vacuum Chamber <to:Canreb>

Dear Marco & Jim,

I wondered what an Aluminum HRS vacuum chamber would look like.
The attached sketch, 140903A.pdf, shows one concept.

I tapered the vacuum chamber to avoid having the HUGE wire seal
flange at both ends.  The "small" end has a large ConFlat flange.
Using Conflat flanges will be easier than working with the wire
seal flanges.

The beam size is based on a graph that Jim provided.  See


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