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HRS Vacuum box width

To:       Jim Maloney                        March 24, 2015
          Marco Marchetto

From:     George Clark

cc:       Rick Baartman
          Friedhelm Ames
          Reiner Kruecken

Re:       HRS Vacuum box width

Dear Jim and Marco,

I have been thinking about where to put the NMR inside the magnet
and come to the conclusion that we should think about the vacuum
chamber width first.  You can't put the NMR where the vacuum
chamber is.

The vacuum chamber drawings we have been showing, like
AlumVacBox150122.pdf attached, are based on

     Inside width = C x beam_width

where c ranges from 2.14 to 2.6

          2.14 where the beam is small (at left)
          2.6  in the middle
          2.35 where the beam is big (at right)

I generated the vacuum chamber drawings without a lot of

Can we reduce c?  Say to 2.0 or 1.8 or smaller.

With a beam width of 400 mm, changing c from 2.35 to 2.0 gives +-
70 mm more for the NMR.  The flanges would get smaller too.


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