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Why Gold Plate the HRS vacuum chamber?

To:       Thomas Planche                April 21, 2015

From:     George Clark

cc:       Jim Maloney
          Rick Baartman
          Marco Marchetto

Re:       Why Gold Plate the HRS vacuum chamber?

Dear Thomas,

Why do you suggest we gold plate the inside of the HRS vacuum
chamber?  Is it a space charge problem?  Or are you worried about
the vacuum chamber outgassing?

If the concern is vacuum chamber outgassing then there are steps
that can be taken to make Aluminum better.  Atlas Technologies in
Washington State specializes in Aluminum vacuum chambers.  Their
passivation process replaces the thick porous oxide layers with a
quality thin and dense oxide surface.

See http://www.atlasuhv.com/Aluminum/SurfaceTreatment.aspx

I have talked with Dick Bothel at Atlas Technologies and it might
be possible to plate Aluminum with gold without the Nickel
layer...maybe using copper.

I recommend not using Nickel.