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[CANREB-HRS] Vacuum Chamber

To:       Chris Philpott                     May 15, 2015
          Buckley Systems Ltd.

From:     George Clark

cc:       Marco Marchetto
          Reiner Kruecken
          Neil Mclean
          Cynthia Reis
          Jim Maloney
          Rituparna Kanungo
          Friedhelm Ames
          Thomas Planche
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          Asita Perera
          Morgan Dehnel
          Tobin Jones

Re:       [CANREB-HRS] Vacuum Chamber

Dear Chris,

I just was in a meeting with Melissa Trochon, Darrell Wong, and
Morgan Dehnel.  Melissa is New Zealand's Trade Commissioner in
Vancouver.  Darrell is from New Zealand Trade & Enterprise.  They
described some of Buckley's capabilities in making Aluminum
vacuum chambers.

We are in the early stages of thinking about the HRS' vacuum
chamber.  Stainless is out because of the magnetic welds.  We
have been thinking of using Aluminum, but the physicists are
worried about charge build up on the aluminum-oxide layer.

The usual plating process involves chemically removing the oxide
layer and electroplating first Nickel then gold.  Sometimes they
put down copper, then nickel, then gold.  We are worried about
the nickel--it is magnetic.

I have read* of a direct plating method where the oxide is
removed in the same bath that the electroplating is done.  The
gold is plated directly onto the Aluminum.  "This technique has
only limited use in industry."

Does Buckley have experience plating the inside of aluminum
vacuum chambers with gold?  without nickel?

*read = 3 sentences on a web site.


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