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Vacuum Chamber Gold

To:       Marco Marchetto                    June 3, 2015

From:     George Clark

cc:       Reiner Kruecken
          Jim Maloney
          Rick Baartman
          Doug Preddy

Re:       Vacuum Chamber Gold

Dear Marco,

I talked with Chris Philpott yesterday.  I wanted to talk about
Ultrasonic testing.  He wanted to talk about gold plating the
vacuum chamber.

His question was:  How thick should the gold layer be?

He suggested I calculate the volume and cost of the gold inside
the vacuum chamber.

The inside surface area is about 15124 cm**2 (1.5 m**2).

A  1 micron layer is about  29 grams = about  $1,430 CDN.
A 10 micron layer is about 290 grams = about $14,300 CDN.

TRIUMF would probably pay twice that.  You have to buy the gold
in solution.  Not all the gold in the solution would plate out.

How thick should the gold layer be?