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Re: HRS Vacuum chamber Exit Flange

On 08/09/2015 12:31 PM, George Clark wrote:
To: Jim Maloney                   September 8, 2015

From:     George Clark

cc:       Marco Marchetto

Re:       HRS Vacuum chamber Exit Flange

Dear Jim,

You asked about the HRS Vacuum chamber exit flange position, size
and shape.  See Vacbox_Exit_150908.pdf page 1

Does your multipole fit inside a 337.3 mm diameter?  See page 2.


Hi George,

Yes, in fact it is much smaller than that. My current model has an outer radius of 230 mm. The inner radius is 180 mm. Although this will accomodate the good field region width of +/- 160 mm, I will probably need to increase it a bit. 337 mm gives me a lot of room to play with.