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# Author Title
TRI-DN-81-02 R.Baartman Progress in Understanding the Injection Line Beam Optics
TRI-BN-82-01 J. Doornbos M15
TRI-DN-82-28 C. Kost and P.Reeve REVMOC: A Monte Carlo Beam Transport Program
TRI-DN-83-21 R. Baartman/R. Taft (student) ISIS computer modelling: modifications to SPEAM and introducing PARMILA
TRI-DN-85-07 R.Baartman Optics Design of the Third Source Beam Line
TRI-DN-85-36 R.Baartman Accelerator Column Modelling
TRI-DN-85-37 R.Baartman Buncher Beam Dynamics
TRI-DN-86-15 R.Baartman RAMA: A Computer Code Useful for Designing Synchrotrons
TRI-DN-88-11 R.Baartman Note on Reflection-Symmetric Beam Transfer Lines
1988-TR30-DN-17 R.Baartman Space Charge Contributions to vertical tune
1989-TR30-DN-25 R.Baartman Injection Line Optics
1988-TRI-DN-K6 C. Oram & R. Baartman Vacuum requirements for the KAON Factory
1988-TRI-DN-K13 R.Baartman & C. Oram Beam pipe impedances for the KAON Factory
1988-TRI-DN-K40 R.Baartman Synchrotronbetatron resonance driven by dispersion in rf cavities: a revised theory
1988-TRI-DN-K46 R.Baartman Optical effects of tuner solenoids
1988-TRI-DN-K62 R.Baartman, F.Jones Transport equations for ACCSIM
1989-TRI-DN-K67 R.Baartman Stability during slow extraction in the Moscow Meson Factory storage ring
1990-TRI-DN-K120 R.Baartman Symplectifying the case where transverse tune is a function of rf phase
1990-TRI-DN-K133 R.Baartman The betatron phase shift approximation for simulations with transverse space charge
1990-TRI-DN-K138 M.K. Craddock, R.Baartman Magnet waveforms
1990-TRI-DN-K157 G.S. Clark et al. Report of the PDS naming convention commmittee revision
1990-TRI-DN-K158 G.S. Clark et al. The TRIUMF KAON Factory Mnemonic device naming convention revision 1
1990-TRI-DN-K163 R.Baartman Longitudinal and transverse tune shift form factors for the binomial family of distributions
1990-TRI-DN-K168 R.Baartman, E.Shaposhnikova Longitudinal coupled bunch instabilities in the Booster
1990-TRI-DN-K177 R.Baartman, B.Zotter Longitudinal stability of hollow beams II: mode-coupling theory
1991-TRI-DN-K200 R.Baartman New Booster scenarios
1992-TRI-DN-K206 R.Baartman Form factor g in longitudinal space charge impedance
1992-TRI-DN-K207 R.Baartman Allowed narrow-band impedance in the SSC LEB
1992-TRI-DN-K217 R.Baartman Synchro-betatron resonance due to rf cavity asymmetry
1993-TRI-DN-K226 R.Baartman Efficient numerical technique to find bucket parameters
TRI-DN-90-20 Baartman, Kleeven Beam Matching And Emittance Growth Resulting From Spiral Inflectors For Cyclotrons (this is substantially the same as the paper in Part. Acc., but figures are missing.)
TRI-DN-90-32 R.Baartman The Spiral Inflector: Three Analytical Representations
TRI-DN-92-25 R.Baartman Optics for Cusp Source in I1
TRI-DN-95-21 R.Baartman Aberrations in Electrostatic Quadrupoles
TRI-DN-95-23 R.Baartman Electrostatic Multipole Shapes
TRI-BN-96-01 R.Baartman Mechanical, Grounding, and Magnetic Stray Field tolerances for the Mass Separator
TRI-DN-97-11 R.Baartman Tolerances in the LEBT Optics
TRI-BN-97-01 R.Baartman Stern-Gerlach Effect in Cyclotrons
TRI-BN-97-02 J. Doornbos, R. Baartman, M. Dombsky ISAC Test Stand: Commissioning of Mass Separator
TRI-DN-98-04 R.Baartman Simple Explanation of the Canonical Momentum Effect in Solenoids
TRI-DN-98-07 R.Baartman Vacuum Requirements in ISAC for ISAC2
TRI-DN-99-08 R.Baartman RMS Emittance growth due to Intrinsic Quadrupole Aberrations
TRI-DN-99-26 R.Baartman Optics of Parallel-Plate Electrostatic Deflector
CERN-NUFACT Note 044 (2000) R.Baartman Effects of Cavity Parasitics in 25-30 GeV Proton Drivers
TRI-BN-02-01 R. Baartman A Sacherer proof
TRI-BN-02-02 R. Baartman Charge Selector Dipole for CSB
TRI-DN-01-12 K. Jayamanna, D. Yuan, R. Baartman, R. Laxdal, M. McDonald, M. Olivo A proposal for OLIS upgrade
TRI-DN-02-08 R.Baartman Improving the Understanding of CERN ISOLDE Optics
TRI-DN-02-15 L.Root, R.Baartman Solenoids for the ISAC2 SC linac
TRI-DN-02-22 Y.-N. Rao Understanding to TRIUMF injection beamline ISIS
TRI-DN-02-27 Y.-N. Rao Maintenance and usage of computer program CYCLONE for TRIUMF cyclotron
TRI-DN-03-01 Y.-N. Rao, R.Baartman Investigation of Space Charge Neutralization in ISIS
TRI-DN-04-01 Y.-N. Rao, R.Baartman Investigation of Polarities of Quadrupoles in ISIS
TRI-DN-04-02 Y.-N. Rao, R.Baartman Determination of Initial Beam Parameters in ISIS
TRI-DN-04-08 Y.-N. Rao, G.H. Mackenzie, T. Ries Calculations on LE2 probe head thickness and experimental measurements
TRI-DN-04-10 Y.-N. Rao Determination of minimum spacing needed between adjacent fingers of HE1 probe
TRI-DN-04-22 Y.-N. Rao Initial beam parameters for TRIUMF beamlines 1A and 2A
TRI-DN-05-04 R.Baartman, Y.-N. Rao Corrections to TRIUMF cyclotron stripper to combination magnet transfer matrices and computer program STRIPUBC
TRI-DN-05-06 R.Baartman Linearized Equations of Motion in Magnet with Median Plane Symmetry
TRI-DN-05-07 R.Baartman Electrostatic Bender Optics
TRI-DN-05-30 R.Baartman Considerations for ISAC-II Beamlines
TRI-BN-05-01 R.Baartman 500 MeV Cyclotron Energy versus Radius
TRI-BN-05-02 R.Baartman, Y.-N. Rao 2A mystery resolved, Jan.2005
TRI-BN-05-03 R.Baartman ISAC-2 switchyard designs
TRI-BN-05-04 C.Gong (student) Co-op Student report: Designing the Simulation Program of Particle Beam Transport Using Perl/Tk
TRI-DN-06-19 R.Baartman Dispersion Correlation
TRI-BN-06-01 R.Baartman RMS Emittance growth due to Intrinsic Solenoid Aberrations
TRI-DN-07-01 R.Baartman First Order Fringe Field Effects in TRIUMF Quadrupoles
TRI-DN-07-02 R.Baartman Effect of RF on the Beam
TRI-DN-07-03 R.Baartman Effect of the Beam on RF: Instabilities in Synchrotrons due to the RF Cavities
TRI-DN-07-04 R.Baartman B-I Curve fits for TRIUMF Quads
TRI-DN-07-05 R.Baartman Beamline to TIGRESS
TRI-DN-07-06 R.Baartman The TRIUMF Deflector, and Generalized Wien Filter
TRI-DN-07-09 D.Kaltchev On beam-beam resonances observed in LHC tracking
TRI-BN-07-01 M. Schippers (PSI) Electron Power Density on the Stripper
TRI-DN-07-18 Y.-N. Rao, R.Baartman Beamline 2A Optics: Calculations and Measurements
TRI-DN-07-28 L. Root Preliminary Design Study for an LEBT Pulser
TRI-DN-07-29 Ivan Tashev (student), Y.-N. Rao, R.Baartman Program for Tomographic Reconstruction of Beam Distribution in Real Space
TRI-DN-07-33 L .Root The TRIUMF Inflector Revisited
TRI-DN-09-05 G.Goh (student), Y-N.Rao, R.Baartman Maximum Entropy (MENT) Tomographic Reconstruction
TRI-DN-09-07 R.Baartman Improve Understanding To Beamline 1A Optics
TRI-DN-09-11 R.Baartman Optics design of the ISIS vertical section replacement
TRI-BN-09-01 Ben Lin (student) XAL at TRIUMF
TRI-BN-09-02 R.Baartman Effect of space charge on Bunching in ISIS
TRI-BN-09-03 Y.-N. Rao Beam-line 4 Initial Parameters of Beam

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