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There are two kinds of notes: BN are internal to the Beam Physics group, DN are TRIUMF-wide internal notes.

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# Author Title
TRI-BN-09-01 Ben Lin XAL at TRIUMF
TRI-BN-09-02 R.Baartman Effect of space charge on Bunching in ISIS
TRI-BN-09-03 Y.-N. Rao Beam-line 4 Initial Parameters of Beam
TRI-BN-10-01 R.Baartman Bunch Dynamics through Accelerator Column
TRI-BN-10-02 R.Baartman Commissioning Plan for ISIS Vertical Section
TRI-BN-10-03 R.Baartman Magnetic Field Compensation for E-Linac
TRI-BN-10-04 Tony Kwan (work term report under Fred Jones, Fall 2009) Particle Beams and Phase Space
TRI-BN-10-05 Mazin Sidahmed (work term report under Y-C Chao, Fall 2010) XAL at TRIUMF ii
TRI-BN-11-01 R.Baartman GRIFFIN Optics
TRI-BN-11-02 R.Baartman Quads for ARIEL electrons
TRI-BN-11-03 R.Baartman Shielding the ARIEL Beam Pipe
TRI-BN-11-04 Gabriel Goh (work term report under Y-C Chao, Summer 2011) The TRIUMF XAL On-line Empirical Model Documentation
TRI-BN-11-05 R.Baartman Magnetic BPM Feedthrus
TRI-BN-11-06 Rastislav Ondrasek (work term report under Fred Jones, Summer 2011) Visualization of Beamlines using 3D Graphics API - Open Inventor
TRI-BN-11-07 Y.-C. Chao LEBT Optimization Based on "Final" Gun Geometry
TRI-BN-12-01 R.Baartman Sextupole Component Spec of ARIEL Dipoles
TRI-BN-12-02 R.Baartman ARIEL Quad Tech Spec
TRI-BN-12-03 Y.-N. Rao Intra-Beam Stripping
TRI-BN-12-04 Beam Physics Group Bi-Annual Report April 2010 to March 2012
TRI-BN-12-05 R. Baartman Chromaticity, Isochronicity and Path Length Dependence of Betatron Amplitude
TRI-BN-12-06 R. Baartman Allowed electron beam emittance growth for RIB production
TRI-BN-12-07 R. Baartman Emittance Growth due to Gas Scattering
TRI-BN-12-08 R. Baartman Emittance Growth due to Quadrupole Focussing Error
TRI-BN-12-09 Pierre-Luc Gagnon (work term report under Fred Jones, Summer 2012) Beamline visualization and G4Beamline
TRI-BN-12-10 R. Baartman ISAC LEBT
TRI-BN-12-11 Alysson Vrielink Beam Bunch Length Measurement for the ARIEL e-LINAC
TRI-BN-12-12 R. Baartman Curved Deflector for TRIUMF Cyclotron
TRI-BN-13-01 Fred Jones Momentum Collimation in the Ariel Electron Linac
TRI-BN-13-02 Suresh Saminathan A report on the beam development test conducted for betaNMR/NQR beamline
TRI-BN-13-03 Yi-Nong Rao How to Power Quadrupole 1VQ5 Asymmetrically?
TRI-BN-13-04 Y.-N. Rao, R. Baartman, I. Bylinskii, V. Verzoliv, TRIUMF; J.M. Schippers, Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Switzerland TRIUMF Extraction Foil Developments and Contamination Reduction
TRI-BN-13-05 Thomas Planche Poisson equation solver with symmetry conditions in the radial direction
TRI-BN-13-06 Suresh Saminathan Simulation and measurement of ion beam transport for $\beta$-NQR beamline
TRI-BN-13-07 D. Kaltchev and W. Herr Analysis of long range studies in the LHC - comparison with the model
TRI-BN-13-08 R. Baartman Electrostatic Bender Fields, Optics, Aberrations, with Application to the Proton EDM Ring
TRI-BN-13-09 R. Baartman Magnetic field compensation for E-Linac
TRI-BN-13-10 Y.-C. Chao Consequence of Ambient Fields in Various Parts of E Linac under Different Operating Modes
TRI-BN-13-11 R. Baartman I1 Steering Correction
TRI-BN-14-01 Y.-C. Chao Gun Solenoid Clamp Misalignment Tolerance
TRI-BN-14-02 Y.-N. Rao Feasibility of Beam Rastering in BL2C4
TRI-BN-14-03 James Maloney New Electrostatic Element Procedures for COSY Infinity
TRI-BN-14-04 James Maloney Studies of Magnetic Dipole Edge Shaping
TRI-BN-14-05 Gabriela Arias Ambient Magnetic Field Compensation for the ARIEL Electron Beamline
TRI-BN-14-06 Dobrin Kaltchev and Kyle Gao EGUN-ELBT reference trajectory correction in presence of ambient fields
TRI-BN-14-07 R. Baartman Energy deposition and Temperature Time Constants
TRI-BN-14-08 R. Baartman Simple but General Solenoid Model
TRI-BN-14-09 Devin Bissky Dziadyk Magnet Measurement Report
TRI-BN-14-10 Thomas Planche E-linac Beam Commissioning Plan
TRI-BN-14-11 Kevin Multani and Thomas Planche Magnet Measurement Specifications
TRI-BN-14-12 Kevin Multani ELBT SN0002 Solenoid
TRI-BN-14-13 R. Baartman The Radiabeam Steerers
TRI-BN-15-01 Dobrin Kaltchev Measured cavity field and expected tracking accuracy
TRI-BN-15-02 Yi-Nong Rao BL2C Split Ratio vs. Harmonic Coils
TRI-BN-15-03 R. Baartman Linac Envelope Optics
(same as TRI-DN-15-18)
Suresh Saminathan, R. Baartman Beam Commissioning of GRIFFIN Beamline
TRI-BN-15-05 Thomas Zuiderveen B2 TUNNEL MAGNETIC FIELD
TRI-BN-15-06 Thomas Planche Trip Report: 2015 ICFA Space Charge Workshop
TRI-BN-15-07 R. Baartman Emittance Convention
TRI-BN-15-08 D. Kaltchev ELBD Beamlet with DIMAD
TRI-BN-15-09 J.A. Maloney Optim to COSY Conversion notes
TRI-BN-15-10 R. Baartman Source-HRS Beamline Grounding requirement versus Frequency
TRI-BN-15-11 M. Marchetto E-linac Equipment Commissioning Plan
TRI-BN-15-12 P. Collins Summer Student Report -- H- Sources, Beamline
TRI-BN-15-14 Yi-Nong Rao Dipole and Quadrupole Magnet’s Installation Tolerances
TRI-BN-15-15 Yi-Nong Rao Beam Rastering, M19 Scan and Beam Tomography in BL2A
TRI-BN-15-16 Yi-Nong Rao BL2A Tune for Beam Rastering Test of 2015-Dec-21
TRI-BN-15-17 Dobrin Kaltchev Bunch Formation (Astra)
TRI-BN-15-18 Dobrin Kaltchev Cavity matrix comparison of tools
TRI-BN-15-19 Dobrin Kaltchev Measured cavity field and expected accuracy in Transoptr matrix
TRI-BN-15-20 Robin Newhouse Co-op student report: Experiment Automator Documentation
TRI-BN-15-21 Robin Newhouse Co-op student report: Orbit Correction Technical Report
TRI-BN-15-22 Y.-C. Chao A Deterministic Program for Obtaining Optima under Constraints for Any Analytical System
TRI-BN-15-23 Y.-C. Chao BL4N Orbit Correction Configuration
TRI-BN-15-24 Yi Nong Rao Spec for BL4N 45 deg Dipole Magnets
TRI-BN-15-25 Gaby Davilus Integral magnetic field measurement technique for a dipole magnet
TRI-BN-16-01 T. Planche E-Linac Beam Commissioning Plan
TRI-BN-16-02 T. Planche Outcome of Cyclotron Beam Development in 2015
TRI-BN-16-03 R. Baartman Optics to EMMA
TRI-BN-16-04 Thomas Planche, Paul Jung Relativistic Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Description of a Beam with Space-Charge
TRI-BN-16-05 Yi-Nong Rao Requirement Specifications for BL4N Extraction Stripping Foil’s Locus
TRI-BN-16-06 R. Baartman TRANSOPTR: changes since 1984
TRI-BN-16-07 J.A. Maloney HRS Accelerating Column
TRI-BN-16-08 M.J. Basso Modelling BL4N Magnets Using Opera to Assist with Quantifying Leakage Fields along the EHBT Line
TRI-BN-16-09 M.J. Basso An analytical approach for drawing the 2D field profile of a finite-width electric dipole with shims using conformal mapping
TRI-BN-16-10 Yuliang Jiang Simulating magnets using OPERA models
TRI-BN-16-11 Yuliang Jiang The theory and tests of a PIC code
TRI-BN-16-12 Yuliang Jiang Measuring the stray field in the HRS area
TRI-BN-16-13 R. Baartman M15 Tunes
TRI-BN-16-14 C. Barquest Investigating 94Sr Tune Loss: ISAC RPM Data Summary
TRI-BN-16-15 F.W. Jones Proton Collimation in Beam Line 4-North
TRI-BN-16-16 F.W. Jones Notes on Using G4Beamline
TRI-BN-16-17 S. Koscielniak Iterative Learning Control
TRI-BN-16-18 Dobrin Kaltchev, Thomas Planche and Brandon Humphries Processing view-screen data to determine emittance
TRI-BN-16-19 Suresh Sminathan and Norman Muller NIER Dipole Final Design Review
TRI-BN-16-20 Paul Jung (Summer Work Term Report) Implementation of a Novel Symplectic Particle Accelerator Tracking Code
TRI-BN-16-21 Yi-Nong Rao Improved Simulation for Centre Region of TRIUMF 500 MeV Cyclotron
TRI-BN-16-22 Yi-Nong Rao ISIS Tomography
TRI-BN-16-23 Yi-Nong Rao Requirement Specifications for BL4N Magnets Stray Field Measurements
TRI-BN-16-24 Yi-Nong Rao Requirement Specifications for BL4N Extraction Probe
TRI-BN-17-01 Samantha Marcano Customizing Web Applications for Beam Tomography
TRI-BN-17-02 Shane Koscielniak Iterative Learning Control for Two-Pole System
TRI-BN-17-03 Dobrin Kaltchev Tune-scans for HL-LHC and LHC
TRI-BN-17-04 Shane Koscielniak Iterative Learning Control Revisited
TRI-BN-17-05 S. Saminathan, M. Marchetto, C. Barquest Diagnostics Requirements for the ARIEL Low Energy Beam Transport (Doc.121991)
TRI-BN-17-06 T. Planche Magnetic Design of the Inflector Test Stand
TRI-BN-17-07 Joshua Sandor (summer 2017) TRIUMF FEBIAD Ion Source: Geometry Investigation
TRI-BN-17-08 David Tattan (summer 2017) Tomography with Harp Data
TRI-BN-17-09 David Tattan (summer 2017) On the Beam Tomography Web Application
TRI-BN-17-10 Yi-Nong Rao Requirement Specifications for BL4N Magnets Stray Field Measurements
TRI-BN-17-11 Ryley Simpson (co-op, spring 2017) Permanent Magnet Solenoid-like Lens
TRI-BN-17-12 Dan Sehayek (co-op, fall 2017) Combined Electrostatic Focusing and Deflection for the ARIEL Target Ion Source
TRI-BN-17-13 Matthew Pereira Wilson (co-op, fall 2017) Field Measurements of the CANREB Nier Dipole
TRI-BN-17-14 Thomas Planche BL4N 45 Degree Bender Design
TRI-BN-17-15 Thomas Planche Courant-Snyder-like Space-Charge Hamiltonian
TRI-BN-17-16 Thomas Planche, Suresh Saminathan Electromagnetic Thrusters through the Eyes of Accelerator Physicists
TRI-BN-17-17 Dan Sehayek Automatic Tuning Algorithm for the CANREB HRS Multipole
TRI-BN-17-18 Paul Jung Shims with Curvature
TRI-BN-17-19 Thomas Planche TRIUMF ARIEL High Resolution Separator in ZGOUBI (as a tutorial)
TRI-BN-17-20 Matthew Pereira Wilson (co-op, fall 2017) Envelope calculations on the Ion Beam Injection and Extraction of CANREB EBIS
TRI-BN-18-01 Olivier Shelbaya Simulation of ARIEL Prebuncher
TRI-BN-18-02 Olivier Shelbaya ISAC-I RF Acceleration
TRI-BN-18-03 Olivier Shelbaya Isotope Separation On-Line at ISAC
TRI-BN-18-04 Fred Jones Proton Collimation in BL4N with New Optics

# Author Title
TRI-DN-10-05 R.Baartman Cyclotron Primary Achromaticity
TRI-DN-11-08 M. Marchetto, S. Saminathan ARIEL Front-End
TRI-DN-12-03 Yu-Chiu Chao E-Linac EMBT-EABT-EHAT-Phase One Major Components and Layout
TRI-DN-12-10 Y.-N. Rao Electron High Energy Beam Transport (EHBT) Optics Design
TRI-DN-12-11 Y.-N. Rao Electron High Energy Dump Transport (EHDT) Optics Design
TRI-DN-12-15 Thomas Planche ARIEL EMBD:MB0 Analyzer Magnet
TRI-DN-12-19 Thomas Planche ARIEL EMBT:MB5A/5C Dipole Design
TRI-DN-12-22 Thomas Planche E-linac Strong Dipoles EABT:MB0, EHDT:MB2, EHBT:MB25/29/33/37, EHBTE:MB6
TRI-DN-13-13 Y-N Rao and R. Baartman Beam Line 4 North (BL4N) Optics Design
TRI-DN-13-15 Thomas Planche ARIEL Dipoles EHAT:MB4, EHBT:MB5B, EHDT:MB4
TRI-DN-13-31 Thomas Planche ARIEL Dogleg Vertical Dipoles EHBT:MBO & EHBT:MB5A
TRI-DN-14-04 Y.-N. Rao Optics Design for Electron High Energy Beam Transport (EHBT) in the BL4N Era
TRI-DN-14-06 James Maloney, M. Marchetto, R. Baartman ARIEL High Resolution Separator
TRI-DN-14-16 Suresh Saminathan, R. Baartman Optics Design for a high-field (2kG) BNQR Spectrometer
TRI-DN-15-06 S. Saminathan, R. Baartman Low Energy Beam Transport Line for the CANREB Charge State Breeder
TRI-DN-15-09 Suresh Saminathan Dipole Magnet Requirements for the Nier-spectrometer
TRI-DN-15-18 Suresh Saminathan, R. Baartman Beam Commissioning of GRIFFIN Beamline
TRI-DN-16-07 Suresh Saminathan, R. Baartman ARIEL Pre-separator
TRI-DN-16-09 J.A. Maloney CANREB HRS Multipole Corrector
TRI-DN-16-27 Suresh Saminathan ARIEL Pre-separator Dipole Magnet
TRI-DN-16-35 Suresh Saminathan ARIEL Test Ion Source

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